Transracial Adoptees

The TRA parents curriculum focuses on common parenting issues such as feeding/nutrition, sleep, discipline, education, etc. while keeping social and racial justice values at the core of these topics. FOCS centers RICE (Race, Identity, Community, Equity) as a key part of discussions, learning and building together as families connect over parenting issues. The group will also hold generous special space for personal stories of adoption as parents and their journeys into parenthood per this shared experience. This group is for parents who were transracially adopted themselves. A group for adoptive parents will be formed in the spring.


A dialogic approach to understanding and celebrating what it means to be a family of color will grow affirmation as parents sharing notes of baby development and learning tools to care for our little beings.  Topics of dialogue range from nursing, sleep practices, relationships, creating & teaching culture, language & exploring race and identity. Experts ranging from child development specialist/midwife, sleep whisperer, breastfeeding advocate, post-natal yoga instructor, and mindful parenting coach will join us to share informative workshops.

Active group learning will be through music time, baby massage, post natal yoga, walking together, special partner events and what your heart deems with your new community of FOCS.

Waddlers: 6 months to 3 years

Connect with other moms to share glows & grows, different approaches and good ol’ girl time sharing funny baby stories we all get through somehow.  Topics of dialogue range from feeding & nutrition, weening, balancing work & home, finding family-friendly spaces, exploring preschool search, relationships, and a dialogic approach to understanding and celebrating what it means to be a family of color as we are creating & teaching culture, language & exploring race and identity.  Experts ranging from child development specialist/midwife, nutritionist, post-natal yoga instructor, and mindful parent coaching will join us to share informative workshops.

DADS’ group

Gather with other dads to talk about how to care for a new baby, assuage the questions of how to parent, laugh about the sleepless nights and changing diapers tips, understand breastfeeding a newborn & feeding your waddler.  Learn mindful parenting strategies as your little one starts becomes an emotional busybody of energy.  Have meaningful dialogue around Race Identity Culture & Ethnicity and gather with us to make solid connections with other dads in our FOCS community.

Black Moms Group

Our Black Moms Group centers Black mothers’ narratives on raising children of color. Facilitated conversations will explore and celebrate RICE (Race, Identity, Community and Equity.)  Special discussion topics include: Black Feminism, Black and multiracial identity in our children, hair & beauty, the impacts of institutionalized racism on Black children and how parents can be equipped with knowledge through anti-bias workshops, education equity, & the Black Lives Matter Movement.