Please read before applying:

1. Parent Educators must pass a WA state background check

2. Fill out a W9

3. Read and promote the FOCS vision and agree to the Code of Conduct (below)

FOCS will compensate Parent Educator $50 per 2 hour group session (8 sessions X $50 = $400).Parent Educators who facilitate three groups will be increased compensation (8 sessions x $62.50=$500). Parent Educator is responsible for filing taxes as needed. To be paid at the end of theprogram sessions and fulfillment of below expectations:

Parent Educator Responsibilities:

● Follow the FOCS curriculum but reserves the right to guide and facilitate the gatherings and discussions to their discretion and expertise. If there is interest in the group to change the curriculum topics, new topics must be proposed, discussed and approved by FOCS staff before being implemented in the group.

● Host the first gathering to set the culture/ expectations for the group

● Negotiate the group schedule with all the participants (including deciding holidays, times, etc.) Send the schedule to all participants.

● Coordinate workshops including setting up locations, and sending reminders to group participants and sending any additional materials (usually in the form of URLs or pdfs via email) before every meeting

● Schedule presenters for special topics; FOCS provides a vetted list

● Create copies (if needed) and bring needed materials for meetings

● Provide a weekly write up of group session (should take no more than 15 min to complete)

● Issue a mid-survey (week 4) and final survey (week 8) to group participants for evaluation & feedback.

● Have at least 3 verbal check ins with Program Director (beginning, middle, end of program) and any others as requested by the Educator

Parent Group Facilitator Code of Conduct

● Dialogues must be conducted with an anti-bias lens, love, awareness of participants’ cultures/ethnicities, and affirm parents’ experiences. The Educator is encouraged to enhance dialogue with FOCS vignettes or her own examples and most importantly leave space for participants to draw the group wisdom out and connect the ties in parallel experiences.

● Confidentiality for participants must be honored.

● Educators will speak or act on behalf of the organization only when authorized. Take care to acknowledge when speaking for FOCS and when expressing a personal judgment.

● To assist FOCS in providing the highest quality of service.

Our Mission: ​To build a strong community by supporting families of color through parenting programs,resource sharing and fostering meaningful connections.

Our Vision: ​Children of color are born into a loving community that is racially and economically just.