Help Us Build a Strong Community

Make an investment to our beautiful community and support the impacting programming we provide through Families Of Color Seattle.  Your contribution is tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Rainier Valley Corps

For those who have a donation that will be matched by an employer, please let your employer know that FOCS is a fiscally sponsored nonprofit under Rainier Valley Corps, whose EIN is 47-4257834. Thank you!


FOCS Autumn Annual 2016 gathered 80 parents, community members and stakeholders to fundraise $40,000 to help grow FOCS impact. We are so grateful for your support. Thank you!

Accomplishments to Date

New Parent and Child Groups

The 8-10-week, weekly parent support and education/children’s play-groups provide the common thread that binds our community. We hire professional educators to address common new parent concerns. We connect parents and, by using a race and social justice analysis/ lens, we engage in discussions to foster the healthy development of our children’s ethnic and cultural identities. Approximately 30-40% of parents participating in these groups receive scholarships because they self-identify as low-income. Other indicators suggest that even more parents would qualify for scholarships because of their income status, but choose not to request them as it is known we are an emerging new non-profit.


On June 4, 2017 at Washington Hall, FOCS celebrated our 2nd annual FOCS ARTS FEST, a family concert and festival featuring 9 local performing artists & groups of color with 400+ families & children.

FOCS Consulting

FOCS provided consultation and training Undoing Racism & Teaching Equity to our Children to 25 community organizations, public and independent schools and preschools in 2017.


  • Southend LOVE = fueling community- based projects and keeping the Southend LOCAL and reflective of our beloved 98118 history of diversity

  • JOBS! We‘re sharing our community’s rich international culture and arts. We provide entrepreneurial avenues for parents to teach our community’s children global cultures, expression, arts, and international languages.

  • Healthy HAPPY children! Our shared pursuit of happiness is reflected in our family and the community we build.