How does FOCS define a “Family of Color?”

FOCS defines a family of color as having at least one person of color in your family. Our parenting programs are for parents and families of color who have children of color. This also includes multiracial/mixed, transracial adoptive/foster families, etc.  

How do I join a parent group?

  1. Sign up online at
  2. Submit your parent group registration here:
  3. Follow steps to complete $20 annual registration fee and registration
  4. If you have already paid $20 annual registration fee, fill out the application that does not require payment
  5. Once a group is ready to run, FOCS Director of Programs, Christine Tang, will contact you to confirm your participation via e-mail and completing program fee payment $130.

How do I apply or inquire about scholarships for FOCS parent groups?

Half to full scholarships are available based on income/need.  Please indicate this on your registration form.

How many sessions can I miss or must attend?

We recommend that participants attend all sessions to build community, although we understand things come up based on scheduling. We recommend attending at least 6 sessions (missing no more than 2 sessions).  

Location – Where are groups held?

Groups are held city-wide. Often parents volunteer to host within their homes. Groups can also take place in community spaces (i.e. libraries, community centers, parks). Group consensus can decide one constant location or rotate homes/spaces.

Are there regional parent groups based on neighborhoods?

Yes, regional groups for Newborns and Waddlers are available based on registration & sign-ups for South Seattle and North Seattle regions. We plan to expand groups to Eastside and South King County in 2018. Register online here to indicate your interest in regional parent groups.

Can I bring my child(ren) to group?  

Yes, you can bring your child/children to group. We encourage parents to have their children present to connect with other children of color. Also, you are not obligated to bring your children. Some parents come on their own while children are being cared for or they bring their children to group. Also, some groups arrange to have FOCS partially subsidized childcare available for larger groups with multiple children.

Can my partner or spouse join a Moms group?

Some affinity groups such as FOCS Dads Group, FOCS Couples Group, and Transracial Adoptive Families Group accommodate couples and father-identified parents/partners/spouses.  

Are there evening or weekend parent groups?

Sometimes, have been and can be. We recognize that many of our families are working families and unable to attend groups during the weekday. Our Parent Group schedules are largely based on Parent Educators’ schedules and sign-ups. Affinity groups such as Working Moms Group, Single Moms Group, Black Moms Group, Transracial Adoptee Parents have met on the evenings or weekends. Please indicate in your Parent Group registration about your preferred availability, indicating availability to attend evenings or weekends.  


$20 registration annual fees are non-refundable. No refunds for parent groups are permitted after 3 sessions. If you can only make it to a few sessions for various reasons, it will be prorated at $25 per session. Please contact Program Director at to inquire about this.

Can white people join parent groups and programming?

Yes, if you identify as white and are a parent/guardian of a child of color. White-identified parents join our groups as parents of children of color, where at least one member of your family self-identifies as a POC. Your experience authentically engaging in a FOCS parent group and curriculum will be rooted in an ethos of racial equity and community power. We ask participants to commit to our Undoing Racism & White Privilege Agreement (see below) in their journey of group learning in a women of color-led space and organization. Our family gatherings and dialogues are spaces of liberation and power for our community whose lived experiences and intersectional identities are impacted by systemic oppression.

FOCS affinity parent groups (i.e. Black Moms Group) are specific to women or people of color, we appreciate your support in honoring this essential community building and healing. 

Undoing Racism/White Privilege Clause:

Our FOCS Parent Groups hold space for dialogue on race, identity, community, and equity, with the foundation of undoing systems of oppression. Our parent groups and programming are not a way to check a diversity box or debate racism. Systemic racism and white privilege are factual and very harmful. FOCS community is a place where families of color narratives are centered. These are our lived experiences, and we are sharing together the unique path, collective trauma, and joyful liberation. Our goal is to be equipped with tools to protect and inform our powerful children of color to thrive.